About Us

Fabpackage.com - your low cost automated designer

Fabpackage.com was built for the purpose of streamlining engineering processes and reducing costs of custom products and equipment. Our business makes use of powerful parametric 3D CAD combined with robust automation systems to deliver complete CAD packages to our customers. Our models are generated automatically to match user input parameters and then delivered within minutes. With our technology, we are able to reduce the typical engineering hours for many custom mechanical designs by 90% or more.

To our customers and suppliers, we provide all parts of the industry standard "fabrication package". This includes concept models, complete design models, 3D and 2D CAD, all rolled up into a neat, ready-to-fab, package - are you beginning to see why we chose our name? Efficiency in the creation of fabrication packages is where we hang our hats.

Our customers benefit from lightning fast, front end customization of products which allows them to cut lead times, costs, and much of the back-and-forth with their suppliers.  Our suppliers also benefit from automatic generation of design packages, allowing them to reduce their engineering cost and lead time of the final delivered product.

Configurable Product Programmers

If you are a buyer looking to purchase a custom designed machine or device, simply browse our store and purchase what you need. If you're a supplier looking to promote your product and reduce engineering time please contact us to get your inventory added to our store or to take advantage of our automated engineering.  Our expert engineers can take any idea or design (from napkin sketch, 2D, or 3D CAD) and convert it to a fully functional customizable parametric design.

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 "Fabpackage.com is a one stop shop for configurable products!"