Our Deliverables - Explained

Our products are automatically configured to match your input criteria and your selected deliverables. The matrix below explains what's included in each deliverables package.

Deliverables Included




Sends a quote request for the fabrication and delivery of your custom product. see details...

Hosted Web Viewable 3D model, with measuring capability. see example...

3D CAD files for viewing and design review.
(VRML and eDrawing)

3D CAD including complete design details. Typically used for fabrication or to ensure fit/form/function.
(STEP, IGS, and SAT)

2D CAD files of each view angle scaled 1:1.  Typically used for creating layouts.
(DWG and DXF)

Estimated Lead Time (minutes)





Quote Package

All listings include a quote request option for the fabrication and delivery of your customized product. This package will automatically send RFQ's to one or more registered suppliers that can build the product for you.

Our properly vetted suppliers will receive your request and respond back to you with their quote.  After an RFQ is sent, all transactions are directly between you and the supplier - We do NOT charge commissions on the fabricated products.

An important benefit of this service is that we allow suppliers to purchase the CAD files pre-configured to match your exact customized product.  This is very helpful for reducing both your costs and lead times.  All or most of the design work is completed automatically for the supplier by our product configurator service.

Approval Package

The "Approval Package" contains 3D files of your customized product in several formats: Universal VRML format, eDrawing format, and a hosted file in a 3D Web Viewer. These packages are useful for approving designs before buying and also for marketing and sales. 

The 3D Web Viewer is particularity useful for previewing CAD for reasons below:

  • It can be opened without installing any software.
  • It contains advanced viewing options such as section view and first-person camera.
  • It can provide physical measurements.
  • It can be embedded anywhere.
  • See an example model. 

Design Package

The "Design Package" contains everything in the "Approval Package" plus the complete CAD details of the product, this includes 2D and 3D CAD files of your customized product delivered in all of the following vendor-neutral formats: (DXF, DWG, STEP, IGES, and SAT). The design package is an upgrade from the approval package in that the design can be fabricated.  The exported CAD files can also be modified, detailed, or used in a layout or larger design.

Custom Tools and Integration (Separate Service)

We also offer services for setting up custom product configuration tools that can run on any server or workstation. These tools produce custom deliverables packages and do not require any payment or checkout processes to run. These platforms are custom-made to fit your unique systems, part number formats, drawing borders, business software, etc. Custom installations are useful for saving engineering hours on custom products that sell in high volumes.  The tools can be tailored to generate complete ready-to-release Drawing, Model, and BOM packages. Contact us to learn more about this service or to request a quote. 


Important Disclaimer:

Fabproducts.com provides custom product designs and CAD files on an "as-is" basis.  We are NOT an engineering firm.  Both buyers and suppliers are responsible for ensuring that the design of the product(s) purchased meet the requirements of the intended application.  This includes product geometry, size, fit, tolerancing, loading requirements, regulation requirements, etc. By using or purchasing products from this site, both buyers and suppliers are in full agreement with our terms and conditions.