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Our designers earn money from their contributions to our site. Designers work remotely and set their own hours. There is no limit to how much they can earn. This offering is available to individuals and businesses that can build 3D solid models (parts and assemblies). The process for submitting products is simple, and our dedicated staff is available for guidance and assistance. Choose an account type below to get started as a designer.



Monthly Price FREE $25.00
Revenue Share
Every time one of your designs sell, you will earn the sale price minus a small fee.

Profit Share (Quarterly Bonus)
A percentage of our total business profit is distributed to designers each quarter based on the quantity of their listed products.

Bid on Open Product Requests
Receive payments by creating one of the items listed in our open product requests.

Business Profile Page
Designers receive a profile page which they can use to promote their brand or business. Each product they submit will be linked to this page.

Hassle Free Listing Creation
Our staff will create the online interface for your design after your submission is complete.

Graphics Services
Our staff will create the graphics and product images for your listings.

CAD Services
Our staff will edit and fix your 3D models to make them configurable.

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