How To Submit New Products

Follow these steps to submit New Products.

  1. Before starting a new product design, use the Start A New Product Form to validate the idea.

  2. In your provided Google Drive Share Folder, upload your product files following these instructions.

  3. When your design is done and ready to submit.  Please complete the Product Submit Form.

  4. We will review your design, and add it to the store or get back to you if changes are required.



Please contact us is you have any comments or questions, We are here to help!

Promoting to Increase Revenue:

You ARE allowed to promote your products to increase your revenue. Each product can be linked or embedded into other channels. However, you are using our name when you do this, and all promoting must be performed in a professional and legal manner. Mass Emails, Cold Calls, Spamming, or Violating any Laws or other Businesses Terms is not permitted.