Product Requests

Registered Designers may submit bids for creating one of the products listed below.  

If we agree to your price and delivery, we will place an order. Payments will be added to your running balance after our staff has approved your submission and created the new listing.

Products listed as "Variations" are slight alterations of existing designs.  We will provide the existing CAD for you to use as a starting point. These projects are smaller in scope so please bid accordingly. 

Note: Your standard designer benefits still apply. The new product listing will be added to your portfolio and will be included in your revenue and profit sharing programs.

ID: Description: Input Parameters:
1000LB Gazebo, Octagonal

An 8 sided outdoor gazebo.  This product is to be a simple open framed design with a roof and deck-style flooring.  Must use standard lumber dimensions and must be structurally sound.

Bidding Open.

Width, Ceiling Height,
Roof Height.

Deck, Rectangular, Railing
*Variation of 1000HR*
A deck that attaches to a house on one side and has post supports on the other.  Use the existing design and create a parametric railing on the 3 sides not connected to the house.

Bidding Closed. Awarded to #D1012.

Length, Width, Height
1000LD Sprocket, ANSI Roller Chain

Sprocket for standard ANSI roller chain.  Type A, for single strand normal pitch chain.  Teeth profile must be accurate to match ANSI chain series.

Bidding Open.

Number of Teeth, ANSI Chain Series (pitch), Shaft Diameter
1000LF Guard, Rectangular, Metric
*Variation of 10003Y*

A rectangular guard made from T-slot aluminum extrusion.  Same as existing design except with metric 20mm square T-slot profile, and matching components to fit.

Bidding Open

Width, Depth, Height
1000LG Workbench, Flow Hood, T-Slot

A workbench made out of T-slot profile with an integrated overhead flow hood.  Must include fan, filter, and switch.

Bidding Open.

Length, Width, Table Height, Flow Hood Height.


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