Sales Sign Up Complete!

Thank you for signing up to our Sales program!

You may now start earning a percentage of every sale you help make.  The process to collect your earnings is simple.  Just log into your account, and complete your clients order while logged in.

Your commission is 10% of the sale price for every sale you make through our store.  This commission applies to all CAD packages and other items that have a cost on checkout.  Commissions do NOT apply to outside transactions between customers and third party suppliers.


Promoting to Increase Revenue:

You ARE allowed to promote our services and products to increase your revenue. Each product can be embedded into other channels (just ask us for the embed code). However, you are using our name when you do this, and all promoting must be performed in a professional manner. Mass Emails, Cold Calls, Spamming, or Violating any Laws or other Businesses Terms will NOT be permitted. Your account may be revoked if this occurs.



Please use this email for any comments or questions: We are here to help!

Thank you and we look forward to a prosperous venture with you!